Semi-Industrial Machines


Designed to meet a wide area of consumers, from large industry to test recipes and market, to the artisan ice cream maker that wants compier the plunge.

The Line Semi-Industrial Catta 27 is composed of three machines available in various models that thanks to low capacity provide great flexibility.

Hardening Tank For Lollies

Thanks to its great versatility, the BGM is the ideal machine for those who want to start a small production of ice cream on a stick, or who for example want to test new products without an enormous expense. The BGM is available in two models, for greater customization has optionally for example a hot chocolate tank or a small wrapping machine. Complete with a set of molds, to be chosen from all available models.

BGM Technical Info

Hourly Production (pz/h) Up to 500
Refrigerant Capacity Tank/Freeze (l) 68/12
Total Installed Power (kW) 6,4
Condenser Air Yes
Condensing Water Consumption (l/h) 250
Weight (kg) 330
Dimensions (mm) 1.320x630x1.020
Hourly Production (pz/h) Up to 1.000
Refrigerant Capacity Tank/Freeze (l) 120/12
Total Installed Power (kW) 12,2
Condenser Air No
Condensing Water Consumption (l/h) 920
Weight (kg) 495
Dimensions (mm) 2120x630x1020
Semi-Automatic Dosing Table

Ideal for filling of cups and bulks, the DT is a semi-automatic dispenser provided with 1, 2 or 3 dosage, operated by air. Thanks to the handling, the dosage is consistent and does not change the structure of the ice cream.
The DT besides filling cups and trays, is also available in the version RDT and TRT respectively for ice-cream cakes and tartufi.

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