FREEZMAT - Continuous Lobe Pump Freezer

Centralized Freezers

Ice cream machine production has been our core business since 1927 when we built the first vertical freezer. From that moment, our purpose was to unify our tradition, related to the artisanal ice cream world, with the need of increasing technology to meet the prominent industry demand. Continuous freezers are the heart of ice cream production because thanks to the control over the freezing process you will achieve the perfect texture for the ice cream product you want to produce.

Freezmat KSN, PLC, and KSR are equipped with one inlet lobe pump and one outlet lobe pump. We engineered this line of machines to obtain the best in terms of ice cream structure, quality, and in terms of production stability.

Catta 27 offers two types of lobe pump continuous Freezers:
- Independent freezers with Freon gas-based self-contained refrigerant circuit: Freezmat PLC (automatic), Freezmat KSR (Semi-automatic).
- Centralized Freezers with Ammonia (NH3) based remote refrigerant circuit: Freezmat KSN (automatic).

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