Our History

The history of Catta 27 starts in 1927, with the creation of Cattabriga, first Company in the world for automatic ice cream machines, having patented the same year the self-cream maker, the first automated system to be placed in the market.

The 70's saw enter Cattabriga, Cocchi's family, with the first of two brothers, Gino, who at first started development work in the crafts sector and semi-industrial sector, and subsequently totally in the industrial one.

Growth continued over the years with the input of the second brother, Giuliano, that bringing back the pioneering spirit would explore new markets not known at the time such as Asia and India.

The turning point for the Company arrived in the 90s, when the industrial sector of Cattabriga, was bought out by the two brothers, this led after short time to the birth of Brand Catta 27.

After years of success and acquisitions, Catta 27 is today under the leading of Giuliano Cocchi as a new company that, building on its heritage and important business partnerships, is renewed constantly maintaining inside that spirit of innovation that has always distinguished Itself over the years.