Our Company Policy

We operate in a market characterized by an important dynamic development.
In this context, the Customer and the Environmental Protection are the focus of our cares!
Our main goal is “satisfying Customer’s needs without neglecting the Environment”: its success determines our organization’s success.
Catta 27 differs for creativity, flexibility, ability to listen and satisfy the requirements of the market.
This approach of dealing with and solving the Customer’s needs is based on the adoption of a well-organised and correctly structured model for pursuing a modern integrated management of the quality and the environment for assuring continuity and uniformity over time.
The development of our integrated organisational model is broadly following the Quality Management System UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 and the Environment Management System UNI EN ISO 14001:2015, thanks to instruments, which allow us to design our reality following the Risk Based Thinking, for constantly improving our performances and results for each interested part.
Catta 27 dedicates its commitment:
 On finding the legislation, binding or other, applicable to the Organization concerning the environment, safety and health at work, administrative and remuneration, making periodical audits;
 On clearly defining responsibilities, tasks and competences of each one inside the Company, for contributing to a communal spirit respecting the colleagues’ health and safety and the environment;
 On periodically reviewing the processes and the Integrated Management System for keeping it update with the dynamism of Catta 27’s reality;
 On communicating to our suppliers, customers and stakeholders, the needs of improvement for achieving an ethically responsible welfare state;
 On properly managing the garbage thanks to authorized companies and carrying out the separate collection.
Our business ability wants to follow the commitments made and the market expectations
Progressing, being leader, achieving our goals and the Customer’s satisfaction need engagement and membership from all of us.

Giuliano Cocchi