ICEPACK - Rotary Filling Machines

The Catta 27 ICEPACK - Rotary machines, due to its size are small and compact desigened , its efficiency and the modularity of the various stations, allow you to add flexibility to your production facility.

The wide choice of production stations, allows our customers to create their own product even before the machines goes into production, with the chance to study together with our team solutions that Customer likes most.

The Rotary ICEPACK like all models Catta 27 is completely customizable, with a wide choice of accessories to choose from.

ICEPACK - Rotary Technical Info

ICEPACKProductsPieces Per HourNumber Of RowsAir ConsumptionTotal Installed PowerDimensions
ROTO S 1 ConesUp To 3.0001Approx. 250Approx. 2,8Approx. 1,1x1,2x1,8
ROTO S 2ConesUp To 6.0002Approx. 400Approx. 2,8Approx. 1,1x1,2x1,8
ROTO S 1CupsUp To 3.0001Approx. 200Approx. 2,8Approx. 1,1x1,2x1,8
ROTO S 2CupsUp To 6.0002Approx. 350Approx. 2,8Approx. 1,1x1,2x1,8
ROTO CLP 1Push-UpUp To 2.0001Approx. 200Approx. 2,2Approx. 1,1x1,2x,1,8
ROTO CLP 2Push-UpUp To 4.2002Approx. 350Approx. 2,81,2x1,2x1,8
ROTO M 1Cups / BulksUp To 2.7001Approx. 800T.B.D.1,3x1,1x1,8
ROTO M 2CupsUp To 5.4002Approx. 1.200T.B.D.1,3x1,1x1,8
ROTO B 1BulksUp To 2.7001Approx. 1.000T.B.D.1,6x1,4x1,8
ROTO B 2Cups / ConesUp To 6.0002Approx. 1.400T.B.D.1,6x1,4x1,8