ICEPACK - Linear Filling Machines

The Catta 27 ICEPACK - Linear Filling Machines , fully modular and customizable allows you to build our machines around your product instead of adapting the product to the machine, let's put the ice cream first.

Please contact us, and thanks to our commercial and technical team, we can create together the perfect product for you.

Like all machines Catta 27 ICEPACK also are planned for multiple manufacturing stations and accessories, so as to allow you to truly achieve the level of production more congenial.

ICEPACK - Linear Technical Info

ICEPACKProductsPieces Per HourNumber Of RowsAir ConsumptionTotal Installed PowerDimensions
LINEAR STD 1BulksUp To 3.0001Approx. 1.200 T.B.D. Approx. 4x0.9x2,4
LINEAR STD 2Cups/BulksUp To 6.0002Approx. 1.500T.B.D.Approx. 4x1x2,4
LINEAR STD 3Cups/ConesUp To 9.0003Approx. 1.700T.B.D.Approx. 4x1x2,4
LINEAR STD 4Cups/ConesUp To 12.0004Approx. 2.000T.B.D. Approx. 4x1,1x2,4
LINEAR STD 5Cups/ConesUp To 15.0005Approx. 2.200T.B.D.Approx. 4x1,2x2,4
LINEAR STD 6Cups/ConesUp To 18.0006Approx. 2.500T.B.D.Approx. 4x1,3x2,4
LINEAR HP 4BulksUp To 9.6004Approx. 2.600T.B.D.Approx. 8,5x1,5x2,5
LINEAR HP 4+4CupsUp To 19.2004+4Approx. 3.000T.B.D.Approx. 11,5x1,6x2,5
LINEAR HP 5+5CupsUp To 24.0005+5Approx. 3.500T.B.D.Approx. 11,5x1,6x2,5
LINEAR HP 8ConesUp To 28.0008Approx. 3.500T.B.D.Approx. 8x1,6x2,5
LOGO 400ExtrudedUp To 1.0001Approx. 300 T.B.D.Approx. 3x1x2
LOGO 400 VWiennettaUp To 1.0001Approx. 800T.B.D.Approx. 5x1x2