The FREEZMAT PLC 1-2L are Catta 27 continuous freezers equipped with lobe pumps for the production of industrial ice cream with Freon refrigeration unit incorporated.

Thanks to two patented lobe pumps, the first to transfer the mixture even with the solid parts (fruit seeds) and sterile air into the freezing chamber, and the second to transfer the ice-cream, the final product does not compromise the texture to the various uses.

All pumps are equipped with a special and patented architecture which allows the washing cycle (CIP) without having to disassemble the body of the same.

The PLC models are equipped with an integrated microprocessor and touch-screen panel PLC that can control all the parameters of production and:

- Automatically manage up to 99 recipes with different production parameters
- Handle increased volume and viscosity.

All models are equipped with an advanced electronic system which allow the supply of sterile air, this ensures a steady flow of air and then an increase in the volume of ice cream, also reduces the time to start production of about 20% less compared with conventional models and a consequent reduction of wastage of final product.

FREEZMAT Lobe Pump PLC Technical Info

FREEZMATHourly Ice Cream ProductionBeater PowerCompressor PowerInlet Pump Power CondensationRefrigerant FluidDimensions
PLC 2100/200340,75WaterR404A R507A650x1.200x1.450
PLC 4200/400 5,5 5,5 0,75 WaterR404A R507A750x1.800x1.800
PLC 7350/7007,511,20,75WaterR404A R507A750x1.800x1.800
PLC 14700/1.4001122,40,75WaterR404A R507A750x2.150x2.100
PLC 20900/1.80015300,75WaterR404A R507A750x2.450x2.100