FREEZMAT - Lobe Pump

FREEZMAT lobe pump are Catta 27 continuous freezers for industrial ice cream production, designed for medium and large productions are built according to the latest technological innovations.

Two patented lobe pumps, the first to transfer the mixture even with solid parts (fruit seeds) and sterile air into the freezing cylinder, the second to transfer the ice cream without compromising the texture to the various uses.

All pumps are manifactured with a special and patented architecture which allows the washing cycle (CIP) without having to disassemble the body of the same.

The models PLC 1-2L differ from the model semi-automatic KSR 1-2 L for the presence of an integrated microprocessor and touch-screen panel PLC that can handle automatically up to 99 recipes with production parameters, increase and maintain constant the volume and viscosity.

All models are equipped with an advanced electronic system wich allow the supply of sterile air, this ensures a steady flow of air and a consequent increase in the volume of ice cream.