FREEZMAT - Piston Pump Electromechanic

Freezmat - AC 1 are Catta 27 continuous freezers with piston pump for industrial ice cream production, with integrated compressor in Freon.

FREEZMAT AC1: are manufacturers of industrial ice cream with continuous refrigeration unit and piston pump incorporated, suitable for transfer-cream mixture and air in the freezing chamber.

The refrigerant gas, the materials in contact with
the product and the manufacturing characteristics,
reflect the most demanding regulations.

FREEZMAT - Piston Pump AC1 Technical Info

FREEZMATHourly ProductionDasher PowerCompressor PowerFeeding Pump PowerCondesationRefrigerant FluidDimensions
2 AC1100/200 3 40,75 WaterR404A R507A650x1.200x1.450
4 AC1200/4005,55,50,75WaterR404A R507A650x1.600x1.450
7 AC1300/6007,5110,75WaterR404A R507A650x1.600x1.450
14 AC1600/1.2001122,40,75WaterR404A R507A750x1.850x2.000