FREEZMAT - Piston Pump

FREEZMAT piston pump are the continuous freezers Catta27 for industrial ice cream, designed for medium and small productions.

Easy to maintain and intuitive, can be found in version AC1 with electromechanical panel and KEL AC1 with PLC control.

FREEZMAT AC1: are manufacturers of industrial ice cream with continuous refrigeration unit and piston pump incorporated, suitable for transfer-cream mixture and air in the dasher's cylinder.

FREEZMAT KEL AC1: differs from model AC1 since is equipped with a Siemens micro processor that manages the production cycle and the operator interface. Thanks to a digital display with touch screen is capable of handling:

- Hourly production ice cream
- Viscosity
- Increase in volume
- Storing various recipes

The refrigerant gas, the materials in contact with
the product and the manufacturing characteristics,
reflect the most demanding regulations.