FREEZMAT - Continous Freezers

The production of ice cream machine has been our core business since the first vertical freezer built in 1927.

Since then our goal has been to combine our tradition, linked to the world of ice cream, with the need to increase the technology to meet the demands of greater capacities.

Then is the birth of two distinct lines, able to meet all the demands that the market presents us.

The first line, equipped with two lobe pumps, one for entrance and one for exit, available in two versions with PLC or without, is designed for those who want to get the best in terms of structure, quality of the ice cream and stability of the parameters production.

The second line, equipped with a piston pump, this also available in both PLC or electromechanical, is designed instead for those who want to limit the investment and simplify maintenance, maintaining that solidity and simplicity that we have marked us over the years.

The Freezmat Lobe pumps are available from a minimum of 200 liters per hour up to a maximum of 3000 liters per hour.

The Freezmat pump piston are available from a minimum of 200 liters per hour up to 1200 liters per hour.