ESKIMOLINE - Linear Moulds Machine

The Catta 27 Eskimoline were born from the need of our customers to have greater adaptability to the layout of its own production, the flexibility proposed by the machine is found not only in the internal positioning of it, but also and especially in the wide variety of products and possible solutions, the shape itself of the machine ensures modularity of the stations, which allows it to be built around the idea of the final product that the customer has in mind and not vice versa, is not the product that fits the capacity of the machine, but is herself to be built for the final product.

ESKIMOLINE - Linear Moulds Machine Technical Info

ESKIMOLINEPieces Per HourNumber Of RowsAir ConsumptionWater ConsumptionTotal Installed PowerCooling PowerType Of RefrigerantDimensions
Eskimoline 57.500/12.0005-6-811.0004.00028,560-100FREON - NH312.000x1.900x2.200
Eskimoline 1015.000/21.00010-12-143.6007.0003890FREON - NH315.600x3.950x2.950
Eskimoline 1421.000/28.00014-16-1817.00010.000 94,4180-240FREON - NH312.000x2.750x2.200